Cosmic paintings

Cosmic painting

The Cosmic gallery
A play of lights and color

The painting of skies
The colors of light

Reflections of land
And water

Shining stars
And foggy valleys

And curves

Shivering air
Waving trees

Or portraits

And nature

Sounds and motion
Stillness or chaos

Nature …
a cosmic painter

Cosmic painting
Weaping willow

The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree

Known by many
Depicted by many more

A tree
Amongst others

And yet
So special

A symbol of life
A symbol of light

An evergreen conifer
Sprice, pine or fir decorated

Tree of life
Fruit of knowledge

I have a forest
In my garden

So many christmasses
So many trees

And some times
Just none

For the sake of silence

O Tannenbaum

Weaping willow

Weaping willow

To be present in the absence…
To be peacefull in the silence…

Like a mighty holy river
Flowing towards the ocean


Drops of water
Washing our tears

I am the river
You are the river
We are the river
Flowing towards the ocean

The ocean is in us
And so is the river

And this knowledge
Becomes silent presence


My silent prayers With you
With all those who share the loss of dear ones

Weaping willow
Birds sitting on eerie weeping willow tree in the fog

I promised you a rose garden

I promised you a rose garden

A garden colourful
With fragrance
And butterflies

between may
And september

The rose 
Still most wanted
Most loved flower

Some speak
Of roses in winter
And roses in spring

And meanings

The real happiness?

Gathering thorns
And finding a rose

A rose garden


Lynn Anderson 
- I never promised you a rose garden

A song that has become the symbol of feminism, the emancipation of women. The gardens of old have gone, their colours, their fragrance… replaced by greens.

And one wonders if it is all for better…

The Genus of azalea

Azalea Japonica

Late march
To early april
azaleas bloom in their full glory

From the Pacific
To the Atlantic
10.000 cultivars are propagated

In Chinese culture
The sixiang shu
Tu Fu‘s “thinking of home bush”

Both leaves
And nectar
Are Highly toxic

And yet inspiration to many
In poetry and festivals

Its beauty
And fragrance
Sublimed by flashing colors

Family to the Rododendrons
Magnificent bush
In the shade of the forest line

Azalea Japonica
Azalea Japonica


“My Love for you grows as you grow.
I long for your wonders to be shared.
I listen to your words compassionate:
“Take care of Yourself for Me.”
Shall we have a cup of tea?
Sharing in stories long ago?”

Tu Fu –

Tu Fu (Du Fu), the great Chinese poet,
the “Poet-Historian”
the “Poet-Sage”


Like the sound of the nightingale…

The song of the nightingale

Close your eyes and listen

The miracle of a blind nightingale singing during day time…
Happy with the sun and the wind caressing his being…

The nightingale whose song is most beautiful in the deepst of the night…
What an allegory
And what a teaching!

And the blind one
Sings during day time
For all to see



Songs Calls, Bird Identification Skills, Bird ID

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The song of the nightingale
The song of the nightingale

Linda, the sacred tree of the Celts

Linden tea

The Oera Linda
A manuscript written
In old Frisian

A maiden name
Linda, the linden tree
The magnificient

Old healing flower
Against flew
And cold

A calming infusion
An exquisite fragrance
A Beauty

single big linden tree at spring in Bavaria, Germany
single big linden tree at spring in Bavaria, Germany

The Linden  tree
Sacred tree
Of the Druïds

Symbol of love
Family, nation
Female grace

The history
Of the old land
The Old Beauty

A story unbelievable
And thought
To be a fraud

And yet
Relating facts
Only proved recently


Old truths
Of old ages
Long forgotten

The Old Beauty
The Old Land
Alta Landis


And if it was not a fake
But thruth?
History would have to be rewritten …

 The original manuscript

For a translation of the text

For the history of the manuscript


DHARMA – What is dharma?


DHARMA – What is dharma?

Hinduism describes dharma as the natural universal laws, following which one finds happiness and peace…..

Hindus consider dharma the very foundation of life. Offering right action and consistent spiritual practices help one to lead a dharmic life.

Dharma comes from the word dhr which means- ‘to uphold, to maintain, and to sustain’

To maintain, to uphold and to sustain
To maintain, to uphold and to sustain

During a discussion it came up that – how can one guarantee that the conceived ‘right action’ shall uphold? It was also argued that- “As such, nothing called right or wrong exists in this existence, right and wrong are simply the creation of mind, hence are illusory. One must not call anything right or wrong; rather call them ‘different’. And that goes with the existence.”

On contemplating these ideas, one discovers that Dharma has a strong co-relation with truth. One can explore the subtle truths of existence through spiritual practices. The Atharva Veda describes dharma symbolically: Prithivim dharmana dhritam, That is, “this world is upheld by dharma“.

So one can understand dharma as- Anything that helps human being to know the truth- is dharma.

Similarly actions/thoughts that hinders human being from knowing the truth is adharma.

According to the Bhagavat Purana, righteous living or leading a life on a dharmic path has four aspects: They are austerity (tap), purity (shauch), compassion (daya) and truthfulness (satya); Thus an adharmic path may be described as a life driven by vices like- pride (ahankar), Jelousy or Envy (Irsha), Lust or Desire (Kama).

the dharma traditions of india

The essence of dharma lies in possessing a certain ability, power and spiritual strength that helps one to imbibe virtues and take one nearer to experiencing the truth.

The Mahabharata exposes the vanity of earthly glories and prompts one to strive to attain truth, dharma, righteousness, renunciation and eternal peace and finally salvation. As explicitly stated in the Gita, the root cause for all sin and evil arises from desire and anger. When these begin to thrive in an individual, it spells disaster Hindus therefore perceive dharma as specific behaviors, which includes duties, rights, laws, conduct, virtues and a right way of living. Buddhists consider Dharma as cosmic laws and orders and also follow teachings of Buddha, for a righteous living. Jainism interpret dharma as a doctrine pertaining to the purification and moral transformation of human beings. For Shikhs, Dharma means path of righteousness.

The path of Dharma is therefore the ideal proposition that is available before a human being to discover the truth of one’s existence and the creation. Observing the path of Dharma saves one from degradation and suffering. Dharma is the moral law combined with spiritual discipline that guides one’s life, and takes one from imperfection to perfection… impurity to purity, from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light.

What do you say dear friend?


The most scientific language is Sanscrit


A place full of fennels

fennel, marathon

Flowering plants
In the carrot family

To the shores
Of the Mediterranean

In greek marathos…

Literally means
“A place full of fennels”

A Greek soldier running
from Marathon to Athens

Announcing the defeat of the Persians

Flooded by a dam in 1929
Has become

Lake Marathon


The palm of eternity …

The palm tree, symbol of victory of life over dead

The palm tree
Spreads in various species
All over the world

A tropic, subtropic plant

Used as food
And oil

Its fruits
More than delicious


Just to name a few

The piccabeen
Australian palm
Used as ornament
Just like the Bismarck palm

The Washingtonia
American palm
Used as fan
Just like the Chinese windmill palm

Leaf fibers are used as raw material for textiles
Oil can be extracted from seeds.
Fruits are used to produce alcoholic beverages

The palm branch
Symbol of victory, triumph, peace and eternal life

Sacred in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt
Used by the hebrews for the festival of Sukkot
And by the Romans for victory

Used to wave at the entry
of Jesus in Jerusalem
Palm Sunday

The victory of the spirit
Over the flesh

The branch carried
By the dove of Noah

Birch tree – the colorfast bark

birch forest in autumn

The white tree

Covering the major plains
Of Central Europe
And Northern Asia

The downy birch
The silver birch
The dwarf birch
The moor birch
The mountain birch

birch tree

So many species
And growing on cleared lands

The bark, stripped from the tree
And its wood
Well known by manufacturers
All over the world

The inner bark
Can be eaten
And the rising sap of spring
Is used in herbal medecine

And yet in spring
Its pollen
Can provoke hay fever

Its beautiful little leaves
Trilling in the wind
Messengers of better weather

A great fabric!

The acacia tree – sacred wood

Acacia, wood of the tabernacle

The acacia tree
The sacred wood
Of the tabernacle

The soft wood
That hardens over time

There are around
980 species
All over the world

It belongs
to the Mimosoideae family

First found
In Australia and Africa

Its beautiful white flowers
Are sweet to eat
With divine fragrance

For now
The acacia fragrance
Has not been captured

It is imposible
Symbol of divine


The Banyan tree

The speaking tree of India

And amongst them
The sacred tree of India
And its delightful fruits

All those who have come
To gather and to share
Enlightments and doubt

And amongst them ST* friends
Gathered to share
their wisdom, insights, experience

In a spirit of belonging
To the same heavens and earth
In respect of each expressions

May peace and wisdom be with us all
Let us keep up with the good word…
My humble namaan to all writers


ST*: speaking tree of India